Days Like These

Days Like These

I taught a one-on-one landscape tuition day a couple of weeks ago, which turned out to be a great day on so many levels.

It’s nice when a client already knows enough the of the technical bits that you can cut straight to the interesting stuff. And even better when discussing the interesting stuff feels more like a conversation than a lesson.

On tuition days and workshops like these you can cover the ideas and talk about the theory and put some of the technical stuff into practice, but you can’t ever guarantee getting any really good shots.

The first thing I always cover is that all photography is all about the light, and in with landscape photography that’s the thing that is mostly out of our control. I can teach how to see light, help you make the most of what light there is, I can point you in the right direction and help you maximise the chances of getting the best light. And some days you’ll see something amazing, some days you won’t. Repeat the mantra: you have to enjoy the process, the pictures are a bonus.

On this particular day, after a very dull, misty start by the lake we walked up Gowbarrow fell and watched the an absolutely fantastic light show unfold. I had other locations planned, but three hours later we hadn’t moved more than a few hundred yards. Some days you just get lucky.

I love my job. I love that my job doesn’t often feel a job. I love days like these…

Ullswater Mist

Ullswater Wake


Ullswater Green

Ullswater Green II

Ullswater Mirrored