Karl Bowman 2013: work in progress

Karl Bowman 2013: work in progress

Last weekend I got together with Karl Bowman to shoot his new collection. Simple job, that we’d been planning for a while; one day, with two models, to shoot all 40-ish new outfits. OK, long day… but no problem. Then 40 dresses grew to 50. Ish… And the week before the shoot it was 60. And by the time we’d finished it was 70…

A big chunk of yesterday was spent editing the 4,000 shots I took. All of today was lost to retouching and finishing. My eyes are thoroughly sandpapered, but I’m properly excited about the finished shots. Unfortunately, I can’t show them to anyone just yet. Karl’s catwalk show is happening on Saturday and everything is well and truly under wraps until then. Almost everything… I’m allowed to show you this one:



And maybe this one:

Karl Bowman Collection 2013

I’ll be putting the whole collection up after the weekend, along with a piece about the shoot and some shots from catwalk…