New Portfolio Pages

New Portfolio Pages

Today my online portfolio got a much needed an overhaul. Re-edited, re-designed, and powered by a very neat new engine.

portfolio screenshot

I have a love/hate relationship with editing my portfolio. It’s great to go through your collected work, but painful cutting it down to a sensible number of images. The time that I’m debating how many images constitute ‘sensible’, is the point that I start to doubt that anywhere near enough shots to make a convincing portfolio. Which is just before I go back and start pulling stuff back out of the pile that I was sure wasn’t going to make the grade ten minutes ago. Rinse and repeat.

This is further complicated by the fact that I have a whole stack of new work that I’m very excited about, but not yet allowed to show the world. Whatever made the cut for these new pages is going to have to be recut once all the shiny new images are jostling for space. And next week starts with a shoot that almost certainly going to produce some even newer and better images… There are worst problems to have.

The other thing I hate about portfolios is, and what has caused such a delay in the overhaul, how to display them. I love WordPress for running my blog, but haven’t found a theme that works for my portfolio pages. I recently started playing with Lightroom’s built-in website builder. Nice for generating quick online contact sheets for clients. But not quite sophisticated enough for building a decent portfolio.

Digging a bit deeper into how I could customise Adobe’s web builder led me to, where I discovered that someone by the name of Timothy Armes had already done exactly what I was considering trying to do. And done it extremely well. Thank you, Timothy…

I use Lightroom for pretty every aspect of looking after and editing my images, and now that includes running and updating my online portfolio. The obvious downside to the process being that easy is that the contents of my portfolio will now change on an hourly basis…